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"I bought Froglube over a year ago after another gentleman saw my weapons drying up and having feeding issues in this ridiculously 115+ heat in Palm Springs, CA. So I put my new Springfield 308, AR-15, MP-5’s and handguns to a yearlong test. 
As SWAT operator and breacher, I must say this stuff is by far the best stuff I’ve ever used. I just wish I meet the guy who told me about Froglube to thank him. In my line of work, my weapons have to work not only for the safety of the public and my partners but mine as well. I have put thousands of rounds through these weapons and not had any failures with ANY of them. Even after cleaning the weapons I noticed the weapons operate smoother. The cleaning is so much easier and I really like that I don’t have to smell that head-aching chemical odors anymore. Thank You to all of those at Froglube for such a great product."

~Officer Larry Gaines #2509
Police Officer / Special Enforcement Detail

"Ok, I bought Froglube about 18 months ago to apply to my weapons before I place them in storage for my military deployment. Coated them heavy and left for over a year. Upon returning I had to clean my weapons of rust and who knows what else, with the Froglube, I returned and had a non rusted, slippery weapon to wipe down. Well, today was the test, went to a class and shot over 200 round in my shotgun with no problems. The hotter the shotgun got, the more the FrogLube worked, 0 problems. Great Stuff... thanks Allen for telling me about it."
-Stephen Forrester
Police Officer
Bomb Technician 

"Yoooo, Allen wanted to let you know over the weekend at the FB# I used Froglube to clean my Larue bolt with a [froglube] wipe.  Dues to the fact I didn't have a towel or anything in the hotel room that I wanted to get carbon all over (Dave wouldn't let me) and way, less than 5 seconds, the [froglube] wipe removed alllllllll carbon from the reat portion of the bolt.  Normally it takes me scraping and write brushing the carbon away and that still does not do the trick.  So add a pack of [froglube] wipe to you kit!  Great find for me!" 
-Chris Hartman

"The Lantac Dragon is amazing.... I've only gotten to shoot a couple of rounds through it so far but I've re-fallen in love with mt AR platform.  Thanks Allen"
-Kyle Stillings 

"I was taking a concealed handgun course when Froglube was introduced to me by the instructor and I am completly satisfies with your product.  I'm a federal Leo and I was telling my firearms instructor about what a great product this is and to my surprise, they had never heard of it... I've never seen anything like this. I will probably take some with me next time I go to my quarterlyqualifications.  Just wanted to share my experience with your product."
-Roy Rivera